Development Fields

Application Programming

Application programming with Windows Forms / WPF using the C# language. Doing this on a day to day basis.

Network Programming

I have created server backends for business collaboration software and an MMO online game with about 50 concurrent players and developed server based networked software with 30 clients and database integration. I have programmed simulation software that uses simulation standard protocols like DIS7 to connect military simulators within a local LAN or via the internet. Most of my applications are network enabled in one form or another.

Artificial Intelligence

Created artificial intelligence for online games, "serious gaming" simulators and website chats. I have worked with finite state machines, AIML and other forms of AI.

Website Programming

I have created commercial websites with a couple of hundred paying users and several custom plugins for CMS like Wordpress, PostNuke or Zikula. I was running a network security and cyber warfare related website for about 12 years, maintaining both Windows and Linux servers and all the corresponding software.

Graphics Programming

Graphics Programming with XNA / DirectX. I used to do this a lot for my game projects. Created a tile based 3D terrain generator and still maintain a 3D game engine in C# on my website. I am rusty on DirectX and C++. I have evaluated but not worked with OpenGL.

Graphic and Sound Design

For my own games I created all the graphics myself and edited the sounds. I have a basic knowledge of 3D Studio/Maya and can create basic prototype models for 3D games or convert and import 3D models into 2D games. I also have experience using Corel Draw / Photo Paint and Adobe Photoshop for creating basic textures for my 3D models or for website design and/or printing.

I am NOT an artist myself. I understand what artists do, how they do it and I can help them get their models into an 3D engine. I can spot obvious mistakes and make sure the models look good in the final product. I can NOT create 3D models or textures for AAA 3D games myself. Just to make that perfectly clear. 😉