Programming Languages


Very strong in C#. Have done general application programming with Windows Forms and WPF, graphics programming with XNA and DirectX and network programming with and without networking engines like Lidgren or WCF. Knowledge about database integration with MySQL or Postgres. Four stars because there always is room to learn more.

Happy to take a senior/lead developer role on any C# project.


Used to code in C++ a lot in the past. Most of my current projects are made in C# due to economical reasons. I am very rusty on my C++ skills, but I am usually pretty fast to get back in. I have currently one active C++ project.

Happy to develop in C++, but not as a senior/lead developer. Need about 3 month to get back in.


Have created various websites in PHP, doing both custom plugins for existing CMS and "from scratch" website programming. I currently run about 10 different websites that run on PHP.


Have experience scripting LUA for creating application plugins (online games) and have integrated LUA into applications and websites using custom made software. I am probably a bit rusty on it as I have not used LUA for quite some time.


I have done a few Java projects, and I can fix bugs and edit existing software in Java. I would never use Java if I can use C# for the same project, for that reason I have not used it in a long time. Obviously, as it is very similar to C#, I can get back into it very fast.

Visual Basic

Like Java, I can program in it, but I would never do so. I can fix bugs and edit existing software if I have the need to, but I try to avoid Visual Basic at all cost. I currently have one active VBA project.


I used to be very good in Pascal a long time ago.