General Skills

Software Development

I am experienced in software development, ranging from small software projects as a single developer to larger projects with more than twenty developers and thousands of lines of code. I have knowledge of many different libraries, middlewares and protocols. I usually work with an agile development method and fix bugs and develop features on site in close contact with the customer.

IT Project Management

Besides the leadership skills of an officer I also have experience managing small project groups. I was a part of several procurement projects of the german airforce and NATO, where I did technical consulting, contract negotiation and acceptance testing. In order to develop my skills further I am currently pursuing a bachelor in computer science.

SCRUM Master

I received on the job training as a SCRUM master and filled this position as part of my work at Kaasa Health, developing mobile gamification apps to use Virtual Reality as a therapy tool. I would be happy to develop my skills further and become a full-time SCRUM master in the future.

Website Design

I have designed and installed websites, programmed custom plugins and worked with artists to create a professional style. I currently maintain a couple of commercial websites and a few private ones.

Software Analysis

For procurement purposes I was tasked to reverse engineer communication protocols, analyze software quality and have assisted during contract negotiation and acceptance testing phases. I have written acceptance test plans and finalized feature requests together with customers.