Visual Studio 2022

I am using VS daily on a professional level.

3D Studio

I am using it to create prototype 3D models and animations.


I am using it to create prototype 3D models and animations.

Corel Photopaint

My standard image editing program for pixel manipulation.

Adobe Photoshop

My standard image editing program for texture/image manipulation.


My standard network analysis tool.


My standard project management tool, running on my rootserver.

Visual SVN Server

Using it as my standard SVN server.

Tortoise SVN

My standard SVN client.

Microsoft Office

Work tool for military analysis (Word), training schedule tracking (Excel), correspondence (Word) and creation of training slideshows (Powerpoint). Also using MS Office from my software to automatically create excel and powerpoint slideshows from my applications.

Open Office

Using it on some gadgets as a free replacement.

Lotus Notes

Standard military email and office solution.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Standard email solution.

Mozilla Firefox

Standard browser.

Microsoft Windows

All versions from Win 3.11 up to Windows 10.

SuSe Linux

I have been running servers using linux for quite some time.


My standard website CMS.

PHPNuke / PostNuke / Zikula

Used it for quite some time as web CMS, I am still running a Zikula installation.


My standard sound editing tool.


Standard database for non commercial projects.


Standard database for commercial projects.

Teamspeak Server

Voice communication solution for private use and also military training use.


Standard web development toolkit.


Standard remote administration suite.


I am using Git at work, not a huge fan of it for small projects, but very useful for larger development teams.


Using it at work for Git handling.


I am using JIRA at work for SCRUM development. A very good project management tool.