Job History

Date Job Role Employers & Assignments Location Job Description
June 2017 – Present Lead Developer Produktentwicklung item Industrietechnik GmbH Solingen, Germany Leading the development of products in the automation industry
September 2015 – September 2017 Student Bachelor of Science “Game Programming” SAE Institute Cologne Cologne, Germany Study for a Bachelor of Science in Game Programming
January 2013 – June 2017 Software Developer (Owner) Albacete, Spain Military Software Development for strategic usage and tactical training. Simulation and Debriefing systems. Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS).
January 2016 – February 2017 SCRUM Master / Producer / Developer Kaasa Health Düsseldorf, Germany Lead of development for a Virtual Reality health software. On the job training as a SCRUM Master.
August 2012 – September 2015 Technical Manager Simulation / NATO Air Combat Instructor TLP, NATO, Bundeswehr Albacete, Spain Technical manager for software development and integration (simulation and debriefing). Instructor for tactical air combat operations. Development of NATO doctrinal documents regarding air combat strategy and tactics.
January 2011 – January
2013 (2 years 1 month)
Game Developer (Owner) HQ Soft Schleswig, Germany Design, Development and Marketing of computer games and applications for the Windows Phone 7 + 8 platform
January 2002 – August 2012
(10 years 7 months)
Weapons System Officer
PA-200 Tornado
Bundeswehr Schleswig, Germany Weapons System Officer on PA-200 Tornado. Reconnaissance, ISR, Anti-Ship Warfare, Bombing. SERE Officer (Survival and Rescue Systems Specialist; CSAR; Procurement Management), Flight Safety Officer Training. Debriefing Manager ACMI. Software development.
Flown a/c: PA-200 Tornado IDS
January 2008 – March 2008 Staff Officer Training Bundeswehr Hamburg, Germany State Examination Rank 2 (Eqv., Staff Officer Certification): Security and Defence Policy, Social Science, Leadership Training, Human Resource Management, Legal. Advanced officer training to achieve higher ranks in the military or other institutions of the government. Requires completion of a written scientific analysis in military or foreign studies and two oral exams on social science and military studies topics, which have to be passed.
January 2002 – September 2002
(9 months)
Flight Student – Conversion Bundeswehr Holloman AFB, New Mexico, USA Conversion training to PA-200 Tornado in the German Flight Training Center, Holloman AFB
Flown a/c: PA-200 Tornado IDS
January 1998 – January 2002
(4 years 1 month)
Weapons System Officer
F-4F Phantom
Bundeswehr Rheine, Germany Weapons System Officer on F-4F Phantom II. Air Superiority, Air Surveillance. Debriefing Manager ACMI. Software development.
Flown a/c: F-4F Phantom II ICE
September 1998 – March 1999
(7 months)
Flight Student – Conversion United States Air Force Holloman AFB, New Mexico, USA Conversion training to F-4F Phantom II in the 20 Fighter Squadron, Holloman AFB
Flown a/c: F-4F Phantom II ICE
January 1997 – September 1998
(1 year 9 months)
Flight Student – RIO/NFO United States Navy Pensacola, Florida, USA US Navy Integrated Flight Training to become weapons system officerFlown a/c: F-33, T-34, T-1, T-39, T-2
September 1995 – January 1998
(2 years 5 months)
Officer Bundeswehr Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany Leadership Training, Human Resource Management, Rhetoric, Administration and Management, Training Methodology, Military Strategy and Tactics